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Welcome to the Puzzle Cruise Website. I’m “Suzy Cruisy” Poulter, ECC, and I love doing cruises for groups!

I also happen to love puzzles, but particular puzzle artists specifically. I have invited some of my favorite puzzle artists to come onboard, bring many puzzles of their art for us to work in an exclusive private room, and talk to us about their experiences and adventures! If you love cruising and puzzles, come to our Puzzle Party @ Sea!

Eric Dowdle of Dowdle Folk Art and Dowdle Puzzles

I have created a Puzzle Cruise with a famous puzzle artist, Eric Dowdle. We'll do lots of Dowdle Puzzles and learn some fun things about his art. We'll have our own, exclusive puzzle room onboard, we’ll have some giveaways and speed competitions, and it will be a blast!

To sign up for the cruise, or just see more details about our group locked-in prices, please download the reservation form. You can sign up until we run out of space in our puzzle room.

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How to Book

You will need to book with SuzyCruisy.com. Puzzling will be a private function on the cruise ship, and you must book through our agency if you’re going to participate. We encourage you to invite friends and family members who enjoy puzzling; we would be happy to accommodate groups of all sizes and will provide quotes as requested.

Reservation and Payment Form

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